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"CARING is Our Business"


Rehoba Manor is a Care Home, Christian based, and here to meet the needs of the mentally challenged self-sufficient elderly, veteran, and disabled. We bridge the gap between independent living and skilled nursing home care. We alleviate families with the concerns and challenges often associated with not only elderly care but mental inefficiencies and physical disabilities. We provide a safe, comfortable, and clean environment in a living facility in the Frayser area. We are staffed with First Aid and CPR certified employees/volunteers who attend to the needs of our residents with the utmost care and respect. Our vision is to provide individuals with a loving and nurturing environment with a goal to support their total needs with values and beliefs of our Christian faith. We take pride and care in serving others.



The ultimate mission of Rehoba Manor is to contribute to better health and care of our residents. To accomplish our mission, we are absolutely committed in maintaining an atmosphere which is nurturing, comforting, and caring. Our commitment encompasses a multi-racial, multi-cultural, and non sexist environment with a strong focus on meeting the total needs of our residents. Our care is resident centered and grounded in evidence in improving their lives. We value integrity, respect, social justice, diversity, collaboration, and our heart is in the care we provide. We realize our mission with a people friendly staff who are trained and equipped to help sustain and improve the quality of life of our residents. We help our residents because “Caring is Our Business”.



Rehoba Manor is committed to the development of an excellent staff for the provision of living arrangements and services to our residents. These services are delivered without exception in strict compliance with our company's mission and within local, state, and federal regulations/guidelines.

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