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Rehoba Manor is a Care Home in the Frayser Area of Memphis, TN. We are here to meet the needs of the mentally challenged, self sufficient elderly, veteran, and disabled. We are a quaint facility with a current capacity for 8 individuals. This competitive edge and advantage provides us the opportunity to serve our residents with personalized care and services to meet their total needs. There are 2 double occupancy rooms and 4 single occupancy rooms. The rooms are spacious and cozy.


"RESIDENTS FIRST" is a program at Rehoba Manor which focuses on making sure our residents are our FIRST priority. If there is ever a choice between tangible duties and the residents, the staff is ready and equipped to meet the needs of the residents FIRST. We are staffed with First Aid and CPR certified employees/volunteers who attend to the needs of our residents with the utmost care and respect. Our vision is to be among the best in this industry. We exemplify a true commitment and engagement with our residents to build a trust our residents can rely on and which we believe are fundamental in building a relationship. We pursue and execute every opportunity and realize our full potential by providing our residents with the dignity and respect they deserve. We provide individuals with a loving and nurturing environment with a goal to support their total needs with values and beliefs of our Christian faith.


Rehoba Manor is owned and operated by Suzanne P. Garmon-Dukes who is the Administrator and served as the Business Office Manager/Consultant to the previous owner and under the tutelage of Mrs. Barbara Sanders for over 6 years. Mrs. Dukes is a skilled professional with more than 25 years experience in business management including finance, customer service, consulting, and supervising. Since the acquisition of ownership and for the this first 5 year, 100% of all inquiries for residency who also came to visit the center have resulted in a positive placement. Mrs. Dukes oversees the complete operation of Rehoba Manor accompanied by a reliable and phenomenal staff who share in her vision.


“It is Rehoba Manor’s goal to provide safe, comfortable, and clean living arrangements for the mentally challenged, self-sufficient, and/or minimal care individual in a loving and nurturing environment to meet their total needs. We realize this mission with a people friendly staff who are trained and equipped to help sustain and improve the quality of life of our residents.”

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